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First JCB electric mini excavator delivered to Loxam (FR)

Colombes, France

One of Europe’s leading equipment rental companies has invested in its first JCB electric mini excavator – putting eco-credentials at the top of the agenda.

The JCB 19C-1E - the world’s first electric mini excavator to go into full production - was delivered to LOXAM Group’s depot in Colombes, France, demonstrating both companies’ commitment to a sustainable future.


A staggering five times quieter than its diesel counterpart, the JCB 19C-1E is expected to be a big hit with companies working inside buildings and in emissions and noise-sensitive inner-city areas. Fully charged, it can put in a typical full day’s shift for a mini excavator.


LOXAM Group Equipment Director Thierry Lahuppe said: “The addition of this first electric mini excavator to the LOXAM equipment fleet shows our genuine commitment to the development of a more responsible rental sector which is respectful of the environment and urban work sites. As a leading player in the rental sector, LOXAM aims to show how essential it is to offer a range of electrical equipment. It is about preparing for the future and meeting the growing environmental requirements of our customers who work on urban construction sites. We aim to go even further to encourage manufacturers to continue developing environmentally friendly equipment. There are many technological solutions and electricity is one of them.”

JCB France MD Philippe Girard added: “We are delighted with LOXAM's confidence and interest in JCB’s first mini electric excavator. This innovative machine is taking the industry by storm and was designed by JCB to meet a growing demand for environmentally friendly machines that also reduce noise on construction sites."

Key features of the JCB 19C-1E purchased by LOXAM include: four lithium-ion battery packs providing a 20kWh storage capacity, load-sensing hydraulic system delivering powerful digging performance, a sophisticated battery management system ensuring full-shift availability and the option for 230V charging when required, with 10-hour recharging time.    


Zero emission operation at point of use, with no tethers or unsafe trailing cables, will allow contractors to work inside buildings and in emissions sensitive inner-city environments. It will also permit rail contractors to operate in tunnels and underground, without having to install costly exhaust extraction equipment. Contractors will also be able to work after normal hours in urban streets, without disturbing residents, as well as operating in other noise sensitive environments including near hospitals and schools.

Using a 48V electrical system, a highly efficient electric motor delivers instant torque, to power the machine’s proven Bosch Rexroth load-sensing hydraulic system. This delivers the same sector-leading digging performance as the standard 19C-1. The hydraulic system also delivers a 32 litre/min twin flow auxiliary circuit.


The machine has three operating modes, controlled by a rotary dial. In the ‘low’ setting the electric motor runs at 1,200rpm, in ‘general’ it operates at 1,600rpm and in ‘high’ mode the motor spins at 1,800rpm. There is an additional Auto Kick Up mode for tracking, where the motor operates at 2,300rpm for rapid movement of the machine between digging sites.

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